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Essentials Package Deal


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Essentials Bodyboard Package Deal
Essentials Bodyboard Package Deal Pride Timeless PE Bodyboard Midnight Blue Pride Timeless PE Bodyboard Sea Green Pride Timeless PE Bodyboard Aqua Blue Nomad Faction D12 Bodyboard Blue Nomad Faction D12 Bodyboard Black Nomad Faction D12 Bodyboard Black Nomad Faction D12 Bodyboard Yellow Nomad Faction D12 Bodyboard Orange Nomad Faction D12 Bodyboard Green Nomad Faction D12 Bodyboard Steele Blue Stealth Basic Bodyboard Bag Custom X Fins Black Custom X Flippers Blue/ Yellow Limited Edition Basic Bicep Leash Inverted Flipper Savers Fin Keepers Limited Edition Bodyboard Wax Bodyboard Plug

Shipping: If an item is in stock we will ship from our store on the next available business day, if we cannot fill your order due to an item being out of stock we will contact you within 24hrs.

Colours: The colour of boards may differ from the photo and all available colours are included in the item description. Please indicate 2 colour preferences with your order and if these aren't available we will contact you. If you do not supply a deck colour preference you will be sent the current available colour. Please note manufacturers change colours throughout the season therefore we cannot guarantee a colour.

Whats Included:
Choose from a Nomad Faction D12 Bodyboard or a Pride Timeless PE Bodyboard
- Stealth Basic Bodyboard bag
- Custom X Flippers (All Black or Blue/ Yellow)
- Limited Edition Basic Bicep Leash
- Inverted Fin Savers
- Limited Edition Bodyboard Wax
- Bodyboard Plug
- Inverted Sticker 

Pride Timeless PE Features:

Core // PE (2.4PCF Polyethelyne)
Stringer // 1 x EXT
Rails // 50/50 Double Rails
Channels // Graduated Channels
Slick // HDPE
Deck // NXL PE 8PCF
Tail // Crescent
Additional Features // Nose Bulbs
Manufacturing Country // Indonesia 

Nomad Faction Features:
Core // D12 (1.2pcf Polypropylene)
Stringer // 1 x Carbon Fibre
Rails // 55/45 Double Rails
Channels // Graduated Channels
Slick // HDPE
Deck // Cellu-Cushion 8lb PE
Tail // Clipped Crescent
Additional Features // Nose Grips, Nose and Tail Buffers. 
Manufacturing Country // Taiwan

Stealth Basic Boardbag Features:
- Fits 1 Board 

- One external compartment for belongings 
- Mesh Drainage 
- Heavy Duty Nylon
- Hand, Back & Shoulder Straps

Bicep Leash Features:
- Padded neoprene arm cuff
- One Swivel attached to the arm cuff
- Pull tab
- Polyurethane coil 

Custom X Fins Features:
- Floating fins 
- Comfortable A-Frame Ankle Straps 
- Double Barrel Sand Drainage 
- X-grips for DK Traction 
- Lightweight 
- Stiffer blade with soft foot pocket.

***Please be aware that due to availability we sometimes may need to swap for an alternative brand or colour of an item. The alternative will always be of equal or higher quality and value to what we have advertised.

Pride Timeless PE Bodyboard Colourways:

 Midnight Blue
, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Orange
Deck: Aqua Blue Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Black
Deck: Deep Sea Green, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Yellow

Nomad Faction D12 Bodyboard Colourways:

Deck: Electric Lemon, Rail: Electric LemonPin: Black & Slick: Black
Deck: Az Blue, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: White
Deck: Black, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Apple Green
Deck: Mallard Green, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Orange
Deck: Pilsner Orange, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Silver
Deck: Steele Blue, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Orange
Deck: Black, Rail: Black, Pin: Yellow & Slick: Yellow

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