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ISS StiffFlex Carbon-Fibre Stringer



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100% aerospace grade 3K Carbon Fibre biaxial weave meets DRC integration to create a lightweight stringer with incredible high tensile strength. Precision calibrated for warm water temps and for riders with a need for speed. ** Board for display purposes only **
ISS StiffFlex Carbon-Fibre Stringer
ISS StiffFlex Carbon-Fibre Stringer ISS StiffFlex Carbon-Fibre Stringer
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StiffFlex Carbon-Fibre | 3K CARBONFIBRE

Sizing - Stringer sizing will depend on the size of your bodyboard. A medium size stringer will cater for bodyboards between 39.5" through to 41.25" whilst a large will cater for bodyboards 41.5" through to 43.25". Stringers not appropriated for the size of your bodyboard will damage the hull. 

100% Technology ISS® - Interchangeable Stringer System® revolutionises high performance bodyboarding by giving the rider the freedom to fine tune the flex of their board for optimum performance in all wave and water conditions. Using patented Load & Lock technology, ISS stringers are inserted and removed with the turn of a key. The ISS range of stringers utilise the latest advancements in composite construction and manufacturing technology to create a quiver of shafts that covers the full spectrum of a riders flex requirement.

DRC - Dynamic Recoil Calibration uses structural flex simulation technology to create specific shaft weave patterns that optimise the performance characteristics of each ISS® stringer flex. By incorporating DRC into our design process, we are able to reduce shaft weights while greatly improving the strength and recoil properties of ISS stringers.

Load & Lock - Imagine changing the flex of your board with the turn of a key. With ISS® Load & Lock technology, fine tuned board flex is now a reality. To load, select your desired ISS stringer flex and insert into the empty chamber. To lock the stringer in place, insert the ISS key into the keyhole located at the end of the ISS Stringer and turn clockwise until full lock is achieved. To reload, just reverse the process. It's that easy.

Polymer Sleeve Insulation - The Interchangeable Stringer System® incorporates a lightweight, high strength polymer tube, ultrasonically welded to form a flexible sleeve that insulates the stringer cavity from the core.

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