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Mullet Fork 4ft 8 Soft Surfboard


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The OG Mullet Board. Thick and wide, perfect for sliding and spinning your way down the line..If you want, whack a Mullet Twin Fin Hook set in there for a bit of extra hold. Check out the guys ripping on the Mullet Fork in the clip below.. Ideal for riders up to 80kg.
Mullet Fork 4ft 8 Soft Surfboard
Mullet Fork 4ft 8 Soft Surfboard Mullet Fork 4ft 8 Soft Surfboard

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Colours: The colour of boards may differ from the photo and all available colours are included in the item description. Please indicate 2 colour preferences with your order and if these aren't available we will contact you. If you do not supply a deck colour preference you will be sent the current available colour. Please note manufacturers change colours throughout the season therefore we cannot guarantee a colour.

4'8" X 21 3/4"" X 2 7/16"

Core // Fusion X
Stringer // 2 x Stringers
Channels // Tunnel Hull
Slick // Xtra Duralinx
Deck // 10lb PE
Tail // Bat Tail
Additional Features // Finless

Available Colourways: 
Deck: Black & Slick: Emerald
Deck: Black & Slick: Yellow
Deck: Green & Slick: Yellow
Deck: Pink & Slick: White
Deck: Blue & Slick: Yellow
Deck: White & Slick: White

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