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NMD NJOY PE 2019 Bodyboard



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The NMD Njoy offers strength with minimal price tag in 2019. A Polyethylene core and single stringer is the ultimate step to transitioning as an intermediate bodyboarder.
NMD NJOY PE 2019 Bodyboard Black
NMD NJOY PE 2019 Bodyboard Black NMD NJOY PE 2019 Bodyboard Royal Blue NMD NJOY PE 2019 Bodyboard Yellow
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Core // PE (2.4lb Polyethylene)
Stringer // x EXT Stringer
Rails // 55/45 Double Rails
Channels // Channels
Slick // HDPE
Deck // Crosslink
Tail // Crescent
Additional Features // CNC Shaped.
Manufacturing Country // Indonesia


PE Polyethylene Core

The PE core is thickened foam, perfect for the intermediate level rider... READ MORE HERE

HD Plastic Slick

The HD plastic slick offers rigidity and performance for the intermediate bodyboarder.. READ MORE HERE


A stringer is a carbon fibre rod which runs the length of your bodyboard... READ MORE HERE

Deck: Black, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Red - Red Stamps
Deck: Royal Blue, Rail: BlackPin: Black & Slick: Yellow - Yellow Stamps
Deck: Yellow, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Yellow - Red Stamps

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