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Ryder Mal 7'6" Soft Surfboard


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The Ryder MAL Series has the classic look and feel of a longboard with a modern tech twist for foam boards. The new high strength SkintecĀ® deck layer adds advanced technology to the board making it last longer while absorbing heavy impacts. Now also equipped with our Interchangeable Fin Box System (IFBS) for more drive and control of those stylish longboard turns. The Ryder Mal series are buoyant and extremely easy to turn and perform in any condition. #rydersoffoam
Ryder Mal 7'6" Soft Surfboard
Ryder Mal 7'6" Soft Surfboard Ryder Mal 7'6" Soft Surfboard Ryder Mal 7'6" Soft Surfboard

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7’6” | Mal 7'6" x 22” x 3 1/4", 76.00 Volume Liters


Deck: 8lb PE Deck Skin with Skintec® Impact Layer for increased Cushioning, Strength and Durability.
Core: 100% Waterproof EPS Core with 3 x moulded reinforced Marine-Ply Wooden Stringer System
Slick: Dura-HDPE Slick Skin / additional rigidity and smooth glide on water surfaces
Fin Set: Interchangeable Fin Box System (IFBS) with 3 x 4.5” Fins Thruster Set for drive. Allows quick and easy fin changes.
Features: Proven Performance Template. Thermal Heat Tested for Quality Control

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