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While time is renowned in changing most affairs, Inverted Bodyboarding continues to be 100% Australian owned and operated for all you patriotic boogers! Don’t worry, Inverted continues to welcome all international enquiries and orders, knowing that Australians do bodyboarding best.

Operated by bodyboarders for bodyboarders we’re here to support the sport. Stocking recognised bodyboard labels, sponsoring athletes and contests and ultimately striving for growth within the sport.

With one of the largest online stores and stores across both the Sunshine and Gold Coast, not only do we take pride in stocking bodyboardings most demanded products, but we also make a note of stocking everything you need to look good in the water. Because lets face it, getting the colours right for your next setup is more important than most things.

You wouldn’t read about it, but bodyboarding is a niche market and we understand that everyone might not be familiar with product terminology or proper usage.

Inverted staff are actually here to help you, crazy right? Our staff (both in store and online), are bodyboarders who use similar, if not the very same products you’re looking at. They’re here to assist you in understanding the seemingly esoteric knowledge behind bodyboarding and make sure you’re getting the right board for you.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us in regards to any pressing enquiries or mad barrel stories you might be packing!

Happy bodyboarding!

Ben, Noah and the team Inverted Bodyboarding