Hubboards Jeff Hubbard NRG+ Sci-Five Bat Tail Bodyboard

Season 2023
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The Hubb Edition COLD Core is our Cold water core using our famous quadcore technology with a low-density polypro. The result allows for the same incredible recoil and projection that the Quadcore gives you but with the flex needed for high performance in cold water.  Best from 19-4 Celsius or 68- 39 Fahrenheit. We use low 1.4 density Polypropylene layered with double mesh suspension to maximize tension to create the most recoil and projection imaginable with the added advantage of increased durability. Now with the all-new Sci-Five Concave bottom to greatly increase the board's overall speed, control and responsiveness. This happens as water is rapidly pushed through the 5 tight hydrodynamic channels creating cavitation which gives lift in the tail thus minimizing friction and reducing drag which equals increasing speed. When riding on your rail the Scifive channels are engaged to give you heavy-duty traction without any sacrifice for maneuverability. The gradual 18-inch channels are narrow, and they also stop well short of the center of the board, this is designed specifically in order to allow you the freedom to spin, launch and carve in and around the pocket with ease. 

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Single to double concave bodyboard performance review
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  • Core - 1.4lb NRG+ Polypro
    Stringer - 1 x CFT Stringer
    Rails - 55/45 Double Rails
    Channels - Sci-Five Channels 
    Slick - Surlyn
    Deck - Wavecushion Air 8lb PE
    Tail - Bat Tail
    Additional Features - Deck Contour, Mesh, CNC Shaped, XFL Armour and Nose Bulbs.
    Manufacturing Country - Indonesia

    Understanding this bodyboard's technology

    Kinetic Bodyboard information at Inverted Bodyboarding
    1.4lb NRG+ PP(Indonesia)

    CFT Stringer INformation at INverted Bodyboarding Carbon Fibre/ CFTStringer
    Lightweight filament wound carbon composite rod offering rigidity and durability.
    55 45 Rail information at Inverted Bodyboarding
    55/45 Rails
    This rail setup leaves less of your rail in the water and offers the rider less contact with the water and therefore better drive and speed throughout all conditions.

    Sci-Five Channels 
    Surlyn plastic bodyboarding information at INverted
    DuPont SurlynSlick
    Surlyn plastic is thin and durable making it the most popular top end slick. Surlyn plastic will bend and stretch before it creases or snaps. This is a must have for intermediate through to advanced riders.
    Wave core PE deck skin on a bodyboard
    Wavecushion 8lb NXLPE(Indo)Decking
    Wavecushion decking is a 8lb decking foam. Much like the PE core, the PE decking is soft and flexible. Unlike the PE core, PE decking is used on all top end boards as for the flex and softness which allows riders to create a foam memory. Despite being soft and flexible PE is still extraordinarily durable.
    Bat tail information at Inverted Bodyboarding
    Bat Tail
    Bat tail bodyboards are less curved in their profile, have a much wider finish and employ a‘W’ looking tail. The overall idea of this concept is to provide more surface area to land on, more release through the tail shape and more speed through the emphasised hull. These tails can be a lot harder to control however, as for the limited hull area.

    Contour Information at Inverted Bodyboarding
    The contours are the slight indents in the deck of a bodyboard. Their job is to help you lock in to the board as best as possible.
    Mesh information at Inverted Bodyboarding
    Mesh is a diamond shaped wire like plastic that runs under the slick of a bodyboard. Mesh creates a durable reinforcement between the bodyboards slick and the core making it stiffer, stronger and less likely to crease.
    Nose bulb information at Inverted bodyboarding
    Nose Bulbs
    Nose bulbs are a slightly raised area of foam on the nose of the board which create a comfortable spot to grip the nose.
    CNC Shaping information at Inverted Bodyboarding
    CNC Shaping
    Short for“computernumerical control”, CNC machines allow shapers to cut boards perfectly to the mm. CNC machines offer the sharpest possible finish to bodyboard manufacturing.
    Indonesia bodyboard manufacturing information at Inverted Bodyboarding
    Manufacturing Country: Indonesia/ Broady
    The Broady bodyboard factory started in New Zealand in the 80’s but relocated to Indonesia in the early 2000’s. With two of the industries leading shapers at the helm, the Broady Factory uses CNC shaping, buzztech heat lamination and purpose built Aku Shaping in order to produce high performance bodyboards for most of the world’s leading brands.